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Did you ever leave a polyester One Metre radio control yacht in the sun? Did it soften, buckle or warp? At Blowfly Yachts & Sails we believe that these kind of materials are simply not hardy enough for an outdoor application such as an IOM, or any other radio control yachts - especially so in sunnier climates like Australia. Polyester is also much heavier and because it also lacks stiffness it therefore requires extra re-enforcement - meaning even more weight right where you don't want it.

What is so different about a Blowfly International One Metre Radio Control Yacht?

A Lot! Built using SP Systems' new Tooling and Infusion Technology, Blowfly radio controlled yachts won't go soft and warp like so many of our competitor's sailboats. Blowfly's RC yachts are impervious to severe temperatures and will hold their shape even with the most excessive rigging tensions. Give one of our hulls the squeeze test and you'll see what we mean. The bow area on all Blowfly radio control yachts is re-enforced to withstand the hardest of knocks without cracking or springing leaks. SP' Systems' Epoxy Infusion Moulding reduces hull imperfections usually found with traditional moulding techniques and because the hand finishing requirement is largely eliminated, greater quality control in manufacture can be obtained. With this Infusion moulding process a minimum of epoxy resin is used providing an even and ultra-lightweight construction of maximum strength. Blowfly International One Metre remote controlled yachts are so strong they do not require any usage of bulkheads in their construction and as such are a complete monocoque hull!

Using a displacement mono-hull design based around the current Americas Cup design thinking, Blowfly International One Metre radio control sailboats are designed to perform well in all conditions, from the softest of breezes to heavy "C Rig" conditions. Just like any seriously competitive full size yacht, our hull shape was designed and tank tested to produce the neatest "exit" of water from the stern whilst underway at a variety of speeds. Our super clean hull shape delivers a beautifully smooth bow wave in tune with the boat's length and maximum hull velocity, reducing drag through the water and at higher speeds. In gusty conditions this harmonious bow wave can even be "surfed" through to the next lifting pressure!

From the very beginning, designing a great all-round IOM radio control boat in a displacement hull shape that could keep a virtually even hull wetted surface area through and past 30 degrees of heel whilst keeping an optimal amount of rocker to ensure manoeuvrability was our primary design objective. After much mathematical experimentation and 3D modelling, our graceful hull shape was arrived at with some final finishing touches to the design added by a leading Australian full size racing yacht designer.

All this hard work has paid off, as Blowfly Yachts And Sails have produced an IOM hull design that is incredibly stiff , stable and can carry an "A Rig" in higher range winds than other IOM radio controlled boats before the "round up" tendency begins. Because the the Blowfly IOM hull produces negligible extra drag at higher rates of heel beating upwind when overpowered, good height can still be maintained when other IOM sailboats would need to shorten sail. Tacking when overpowered is still possible and bearing away, even when extremely over powered, does not produce the crash gybes, wild broaches and nose dives like so many other radio control yachts. Blowfly's IOM radio controlled yachts are so stable, you can run downwind with an A Rig in 15 knots and even if you do nosedive in a severe gust you will still be easily able to keep the boat straight and on course, even with the bow deep underwater and most of the rudder out! Don't believe us? Come and look for yourself or have a go sometime! It is amazing to watch!

Blowfly IOM radio control yachts utilize an 11.1mm super stiff "groovy" aluminium mast and employ an innovative yet simple approach to mast design. Blowfly One Meter radio control yachts also use a second set of lower stays to control not only forward and aft mast bend but also to prevent lateral mast movement. This method provides straighter and stiffer mast that can better hold its shape even under higher wind pressures. With this lower stayed design, more tweaking and control over mast shape is achievable and extra redundancy is offered in the case of a broken outer side stay. In the event of a collision where a breakage occurs, the Blowfly IOM's extra lower side stays will keep the mast up for you to limp home - normally if this happens you are out of luck! Most other International One Metre radio control yachts offer mast rams as method of controlling mast tune, however mast rams only allow for control over fore and aft mast bend and movement. Mast rams offer nothing in terms of additional mast stiffness, lateral stability or bonus redundancy, this is why we think that lower stays are the better bet. A stiffer mast combined with a stiffer boat aids forestay tension, which is where extra height gains can be made. Its all about the whole R/C boat package working together.

Blowfly Sails are developed by qualified and experienced sail makers using the most exotic materials permissible under class rules including the newest of Cuben Fibre variants even incorporating carbon fibre battens in their Grand Prix model to maintain a perfectly stable leech shape without adding weight up high. Our latest innovation is the availability of sails to be attached to the mast via a bolt rope (see right) to evenly distribute sail loads over the entire mast and to form the most aerodynamic coupling to the mast possible. In this scenario, the main sail becomes an integral part of the mast, further increasing mast rigidity just like a full size racing yacht.

As an ongoing evolution, Blowfly Yachts And Sails are continuously developing their keel bulb shapes on their "Grand Prix" model so as to further improve lift whilst eliminating bulb drag or "vortexing". This research has led us to some radical ideas that are too secret to show you here!

All our radio control yachts are beautifully finished in tough baked automotive 2 pack enamel and are available in a myriad of colours. We can also apply custom colours schemes and graphic designs or can even translate in miniature the colour or graphic design of your full size boat on to your new Blowfly One Metre radio control yacht.

For any further technical queries, please contact us directly.


Systems' Epoxy Infusion flow moulding  technology.

Even when heavily pressured, Blowfly's IOM maintains great stability downwind and resists nose diving.

Additional lower stays stiffen and better control mast bend.

Blowfly Cuben Fibre Grand Prix sails can tidily attach via bolt rope into the mast groove to improve efficiency, evenly distribute load and increase mast stiffness. See our carbon fibre battens below.