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The Pittwater Model Yacht Club – Sydney – Australia.



Meeting Regularly throughout the year, the Pittwater Model Yacht Club holds radio controlled sailboat racing in a variety of picturesque locations in and around the Newport end of Pittwater on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches. Because of their proximity to this exquisite waterway that is Pittwater, and with shared use of fantastic facilities owned by the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club, the PMYC is able to stage radio control boat races courses in all manner of places to suit the conditions of the day.


As a small but steadily growing radio controlled yacht club, the PMYC on race days will regularly have around 10 International One Meter yachts racing. A variety of other radio yachting classes such as Marblehead, 10 Rater, RC Laser, Wind Warrior, A Class and Soling etc visit from time to time too.


A large membership contingent of the PMYC are owners of Blowfly International One Metre R/C boats, and as such currently run their own One Design series alongside their regular IOM race series.


All Radio controlled boat classes and RC sailboat enthusiasts are welcome.


For all enquiries including membership and event calendars and notice of race, please contact the PMYC Commodore:


Scott Berry


+61 0403 200 594